Rock Fueguine Magazine review

Rock Fueguine Magazine from Argentina has given us this cool REVIEW. Thank you.

18/06/2020 |

“The Great Attractor” from norwegian band Space Electric reveals a solid hard rock groove. Its like a cocktail with hints of Black Sabbath, Lemmy Kilmister and Pearl Jam. With a dense sound -produced, mixed and mastered by the argentinian Alejandro Ortiz- the track is short and to the point. Great riffs and a driven voice, certanly a great soundtrack for a space mission. A song to listen to before the countdown to takeoff!”

They even included us in this SPOTIFY PLAYLIST.

The Great Attractor

Press release – The Great Attractor – 17th of June

The Great Attractor is the mass of a trillion suns drawing galaxies towards it. The force increases in intensity and pulls the earth towards an unknown fate. Space Electric inhabits this parallel universe with its electromagnetic rock.

The band recently finished recording the album ´The Great Attractor´ in Barcelona, produced, mixed and mastered by Alejandro Ortiz and Andres Perez of Angel Sound Studio. The electromagnetic sphere just increased in size and density yet again.

Do you believe in a multiverse? Do you believe in dark energy? Do you believe in free will? Or do you believe in nothing?