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Space Electric – Live @ Uhørt 19th of september

Check out our new album release gig at Uhørt and make shure you by the ticket.

New singles and album out

Album out 15th of sep 2023. Spotify.

The single “Laniakea” was out 8th of september 2023. Spotify. Video “Laniakeat” out s15th of sep YouTube.

The single “Exit Light” is out 1st of september 2023. Check it out on Spotify. And the video “Exit Light” is out same day on YouTube.

The single “Dead Eyes” is out 25th of august 2023. Check it out on Spotify. And the video “Dead Eyes” is out same day on YouTube.

The single “I Wanna Know” is out 11th of august 2023. Check it out on Spotify. And the video “I Wanna Know. Check it out on YouTube.

Recorded at Rancho De La Luna april 2022

The Sound

Space Electric (Oslo, Norway) formed 2014 release their second album, Laniakea, 15th of September 2023. It was recorded in legendary studio Rancho De La Luna, Joshua Tree, California, USA, 2022. Dessert Sessions, Kyuss, QOTSA, EODM, Foo Fighters, Iggy Pop, Arctic Monkeys and many more bands has been recording there.

Space Electric- a band from the land of the midnight Sun journey to the mighty Mojave Desert and discovered a path to the unknown. The album release include 4 new video- and single releases (I Wanna Know, Dead Eyes, Exit Light and Laniakea) upfront of the album. These 9 songs, recorded live in one massive week at Rancho de la Luna, tell stories of absent friends, rabbit holes and gravity on your bones. The founder of Rancho De La Luna, David Catching, is playing lap steel solo in the end of our song Rabbit Holes. We are very honored and proud that this true legend appears on our album.

Laniakea is the immesurable heaven in Universe and express the supergalactic highway where galaxies are drawn at immense speed to the Great Attractor. An uncertain future awaits.

We also just played at Whisky a Go Go. It was a blast.


Space Electric’s debut album ‘The Great Attractor’ was out 1st of October 2020. The Great Attractor is the mass of a trillion suns drawing galaxies towards it. The force increases in intensity and pulls the earth towards an unknown fate. Space Electric inhabits this parallel universe with its electromagnetic rock. Do you believe in a multiverse? Do you believe in dark energy? Do you believe in free will? Or do you believe in nothing?

The band recorded the album ´The Great Attractor´ in Barcelona (2020), produced, mixed and mastered by Alejandro Ortiz (producer), Andrés Pérez (co-producer) and Miquel Mestres (assistant engineer) of Angel Sound Studio. The electromagnetic sphere just increased in size and density yet again.


Also feel free to listen in high quality to the singels and other album tracks just below.

And some early stuff from Space Electric.

Days Are Ending (2017)

Trance (2017)

Slowdance (2012)

Everything You Want To Know (2012)

The Band

Space Electric is a rock band in Oslo that materialized in 2014. The musicians are long-time friends and run a studio in Oslo, Luna Lounge. Space Electric is recording their second album in legendary studio Rancho De La Luna (California Desert, USA) in april 2022. Dave Catching is running the private studio today but it was founded in 1993 by Dave and Fred Durst. Dessert Sessions, QOTSA, EODM, Foo Fighters, Iggy Pop, Arctic Monkeys and many more bands has been recording there. This is a long time dream and the band is very excited about it.

The band recorded their debut album ´The Great Attractor´ in Barcelona (2019), produced, mixed and mastered by Alejandro Ortiz and Andres Perez of Angel Sound Studio. “The Great Attractor” from Norwegian band Space Electric reveals a solid hard rock groove. Its like a cocktail with hints of Black Sabbath, Lemmy Kilmister and Pearl Jam. With a dense sound -produced, mixed and mastered by the argentinian Alejandro Ortiz- the track is short and to the point. Great riffs and a driven voice, certanly a great soundtrack for a space mission. Rock Fueguine Magazine – 18/06/2020″.

Space Electric has earlier released 3 singles, produced/mixed by Ozzy (Åsgeir Knudsen) and mastered by Hugo Alvarstein.

Kristian, Bjørnar and Jon had played together in Mad Above in the 1990’s but parted ways after the tragic death of one of the band members. One of the first songs in the new band was a tribute to the lost band member. The music Kristian had written connected immediately with the whole band, and before long Bjørnar had written a beautiful eulogy and the song was finished.

Bjørnar Mikkelsen


Born in the land of the midnight sun and northern lights, where the northern road runs out – Kirkenes. At times Stasi superintendent, at times peace negotiator, Bjørnar is the band’s lyricist, singer-songwriter and the bass player. A talented multi-instrumentalist.


Thomas Yri

Thomas is Space Electric’s very own John Bonham, steady as a metronome, louder than a landslide. A great musician generally, a brilliant drummer specifically. The Yri brothers are as tight as two strands of DNA, laying the rhythmic foundation of the sound.




Chris Cruzin

Chris is the main songwriter and riff-builder. He can make a monster riff from one note. The heart and prime driver of the band, nothing stands in his way when his mind is made. Teamed with Åsgeir, Chris built the band’s studio with his bare hands.


Jonathan Murray

Jon texturizes the sound and repedly fires up Space Electric with powerful solos, making his Jazzmaster weep and scream. He is a scientific sound-shaper, composer and self-confessed pedal junky.


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